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Sunday, April 1st 2012

12:27 PM

Suki's Safe Haven ~~A New Blog about Veterinary Abuse & the 1st Amendment :

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   ...."You're crazy.” Yawn. A tired old standby.....You need psychiatric help.”.....“You're a liar.” Nice try, but that doesn't work when I have proof in the vet's own records, lab work, and timeline exactly what he did – and when, where, why, and how.....


These are the words Ms. Julie Catalano , Texas, heard over and over for decades after publishing her web site Vetabusenetwork.com , a comprehensive site and matter of public concern about the lack of accountability in the veterinary profession for any type of negligence to companion animals and the resulting shared damage to their consumer human owners.
And the same and similar statements were made to me years and years later, but pretty much confined by those directly related and that derived income from the pet medical profession or involved within the particulars of the circumstances.
As I reflect back on the many contacts I made, oddly, no government resource, no legal resource, no medical resource, no protective resource (local or county police or humane peace officers), no media resource, and no casual acquaintance ever expressed doubt in the validity of my statements or descriptions. All those resources shared a privileged knowledge of the reasoning behind the abuse and that my experience was certainly not the "first", nor likely to be the last. As this continued over the course of years and months, so did my driven quest for answers.
It took me through a four year journey that no one should ever experience, particularly when one's simple and honest goal was to :
accomplish compassionate, kind, and HUMANE euthanasia and end of suffering for their OWN beloved dog that was loved and had been devoted the utmost care towards, for 11 and 1/2 years and was fully expected to accomplish this FOR MONEY~~
And so Veterinary Malpractice, Negligence, and Abuse that takes many forms, and as the "related industry" has grown and magnified , so will the realization that living companion animals are no longer "chattel" and the veterinary "double standard" enjoyed will experience change.  
Follow Vetabusenetwork.blogspot.com on Twitter, Facebook, and Subscribe, there are a plethora of media accounts, I hope to keep up and share also.
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